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06 March 2014

Baja Bound, Part 4

Gold Beach, Oregon to Garberville, California

The Redwood Forest

Sandy beach
Going for our morning walk in Gold Beach, Oregon

Anders walking on beach
Anders on the beach
It is October 15th 2013. We took it easy in the morning. Went for a breakfast and then a nice walk on the beach.

The waves were just unbelievably beautiful as they were crashing in on the beach. We watched one person trying to surf, it looked challenging as well as cold.

We were on the road around 11 am after we fueled up with Diesel. Interesting, Oregon (and New Jersey) has state laws requiring gas attendants to fill up the gas.

You can not pump your own gas. This helps to employ a lot of people, not a bad idea.

We drove Hwy 101 south toward Brookings. Wow, some unbelievably beautiful beaches and arched rocks and small islands.

This is the Samuel Boardman State Scenic Corridor and with sunshine like we had, it is unsurpassed.

Liz overlooking the coast line.
Oregon Coast is one of the most beautiful

Liz standing between the giant trees in the Redwood forest
In the Redwood Forest, California
We arrived at the California border (sort of), however we could not see welcome sign? Continuing in California we arrived in
Crescent City, a very quaint little town.

We stopped by the National Park Info Center. "Sorry we are closed due to government shut down".

We helped ourselves to some maps outside, and kept trucking on. Actually a local couple we chatted with told us where to go and what to see... nice people!

We left Hwy 101 and took the Newman Dury Scenic Parkway. The forest and its giant Redwoods are very impressive.

One of the trees in the park is over 379 feet tall. The worlds tallest tree.

There are three types of Redwood:

  1. The Dawn Redwood, found in Central China. Can grow up to 43 meters or 141 feet.
  2. The Giant Sequoia, found in Sierra Nevada and central California, up to 95 meters or 311 feet.
  3. The Coast Redwood, found in Northern California Coast. Grows up to 115 meters or 379 feet.
Fantastic coast line in Northern California

Anders among the giants.
We motored on south, the forest is a lot like the rain forest we have on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Over all, we both felt the Oregon coast was more beautiful and interesting so to drive along.
Hwy 101 turns inland a this point through valleys and over hills. Nice driving. We eventually ended up in the little town of Garberville.

We checked in at the Best Western. That is a super nice hotel. Very friendly staff. The complimentary wine and cheese in the evening was awesome, we met some really nice people. The breakfast was amazing.

For supper in Garberville we went to a great restaurant called Cecil's New Orleans Bistro. The food was fantastic and the service was great. This was a really good day.

For more pictures from this part of the trip, check out our web album.

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