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23 March 2008

Happy Easter

Easter Hip Hop! to you all

Hope the Easter Bunny was good to you all. We are all up on Cortes Island except Jenny, she had to stay back and work. We had real spring weather with anything from rain/snow/hail/thunder and more....
We had 4-5 inches of hail one morning. Dave and Lynn (Lisa's parents) also came up and Dave cooked up a wonderful lamb roast one night.

Dave and Anders

Lisa and Lynn on the beach

One day we had a scavangers hunt on the beach "boys against the girls" and the winners were the boys!!!!

Well the girls did not to bad they came in second :)

Easter Sunday was great with lots of treats for the little ones....... and the big ones.

Sarah's 8th birthday

Liz and Anders

Mark, Ryan, Linda, Sarah, Lynn and Dave

Painting Easter Eggs
From all of us to all of you.... Happy Easter.

Cheers, Anders

19 March 2008

We sold the house… Now the move.

As I’m writing this blog Liz and I are sitting in the ferry lineup on Cortes Island with our moving truck heading back to Victoria. We came up yesterday (Sunday 16th March) with a full load of furnitures and stuff. (Picture is of some sealinons on a log boom by denman Island)

Well since the last blog a lot has happened. When we were up skiing we got an offer in on our house and it is now sold. Liz has been crazy busy packing and sorting everything while I have been working. In the evenings we have then moved stuff with our van. (picture is of fishing boats at Qualicum Beach fishing for hering)

As you may or may not know we bough a nice little condo back in November of 07 and we did a few little renos and are now pretty well moved in. The condo is two bedroom and two baths and has a den that we use for office. We quite like the place and it has a 30ft south west facing balcony making the whole suite nice and bright.

My last day at work will be the 19th of April and we are both looking forward to that day. It’s coming up fast. This spring we will be traveling to Europe for a visit and this summer we will do a quick trip out to the prairies to visit my family.

We’ll keep you posted.

Hugs from Liz and Anders

PS. The moving co-ordinator (Liz) says we have the following items for sale: dining room talble and 8 chairs, Italian leather couch and love seat, wood armoire, large wool carpet, old singe sewing machine in wood cabinet, retro crecent shaped couch, one filing cabinet, berber rug, punching bag (freestanding) old dresser, 2005 PT Cruiser.

Liz in the moving truck on ferry from Campbell River to Quadra Island.

Moving mess in our house

Moving truck on Cortes

Look at all the junk
Liz on the gangplank
Walking the gang plank
Cabinet in the house
One more nudge
Filling it back up.

04 March 2008

Last Day On The Mountain

What a fantastic day we had today. Not a cloud in the sky and about -2C. It was one of those days when you don't want to stop skiing.

It looks like I'm back on skis again after snowboarding for 6 years. During this week I have snow boarded twice. I rented some new Demo skis and boots and it is amazing how good equipment helps. Check out more pictures and movie clips below.

Tomorrow we go home again after a week up here. We hear the cherry blossom is in full bloom in Victoria. Going away for a week this time of year and there can be dramatic changes in flowers blooming. We will take our time driving home doing some sightsing and maybe looking at some trucks & boats.

Till next time....

Liz and Anders

29 February 2008

Carving the Rock

So we thought we would have to stay in all day today, but the snow slowly eased and the sun came out around 4pm. We all got our gear on and rushed out for the night skiing from 4:30 to 9. It was great with about 8-10 inches of powder.

In this picture from left to right, Mark, Lisa, Ryan (barly shows his head) Sarah and Liz.

The sun stayed up till about 6pm and then the lights came on for the rest of the evening.

We finished the evening with a wonderful dinner (slow cooked roast beef, pasta and vegies) and a beautiful bottle of wine. I will post some more pictures below.

Till next time
Cheers, Anders

Just had to snowboard one more time.

Me, Arthur and Linda on top of the rock.

Liz, me and Linda

Video below is Anders carving the rock.

Cortes and Mt. Washington

Liz and I were up on Cortes for a few days and are now up on Mt. Washington for our annual family ski trip.

Cortes is the same and we are getting ready to spend a lot more time up there on the rock. We have so many projects that will need attention, painting, new roof, etc.

The sunsets and the sunrise (see picture) from our place amase me every time we're up there. It is so spectacular. Nature still puts on the best show.

We got up here on Wednesday night and yesterday (Thursday) we carved the mountain. I decided to try skiis again and put the snowboard in the corner. It was a lot of fun but the legs were a bit week.

Last night Linda and Arthur came up and this morning Mark, Lisa, Sarah and Ryan came up. Linda and Arthur made crepes for breakfast this morning with strawberries etc. Was soooo good.

The snow is coming down really heavy today and we might not get any skiing done today. Maybe tonight.

It looks like my last day at work will be the 26th of April :) and on the 27th we will leave for Switzerland.

Talk to you soon. Anders

22 January 2008

Cortes Island in the winter

Since we are in the middle of getting our house ready to sell, we had to bring some stuff up to our place on Cortes Island. We drove up yesterday afternoon after Liz had her retirement party with her mentor group.

We arrived in Campbell River at 3:50pm in good time for the 4:30 ferry to Quadra Island and the 5:05 from Quadra to Cortes. Leaving on the Cortes ferry the moon was coming up and we took all kinds of pictures, this one is with my phone and not a very good quality. Once we are back home and have the usb cables for our cameras we'll post some of the good ones.
Today was a wonderful day up here with mostly sunny weather. We unloaded the van and empty out a bunch of boxes. Then went for a one hour walk on the beach.
Tomorrow we will leave for Victoria again....
Talk to you soon.
Cheers, Anders

20 January 2008

Liz and Anders First Blog.

Anders just told me we have to start a blog..... well guess what we now have a blog.

We are just in the process of reorganizing our lives. We have sold our business as of the 1st of January 2008. We are now looking forward of spending lots of time with friends and family.

We are currently doing some work on our house to get it ready to sell and at the same time renovating our new condo we bought. At the same time we are moving some of our stuff up to Cortes Island, to our beach house. What a challenge, and what an enormous amount of junk we have collected.

Yesterday was Linda's 21st birthday. Jenny was working late and Mark, Lisa, Sarah and Ryan are on a cruise in the Caribbean.

Jenny is off to Toronto on the 24th of January for a week and is staying with her cousin Natalie Krill that has one of the lead rolls in the musical Dirty Dancing now performing at the Royal Alexandra Theater in Toronto. Natalie is also starring in the new CBC sitcom MVP that airs on Friday nights.

We are booked for a week on Mt. Washington at the end of February and it sounds like the whole family will be there for at least part of the time.

Got to run for now, we'll keep you posted.

Liz & Anders