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10 March 2014

Baja Bound, Part 20. Los Cabos, Baja Sur

San José del Cabo, the Corridor in between, and Cabo San Lucas = Los Cabos

The southern tip of the Baja Peninsula ( Los Cabos ) consists of two towns: Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo connected by a 29 km strip in between called the Corridor.

Waterfront Walk Cabo San Lucas
We stayed at the western end of San José del Cabo, about a ten minute drive into the old town of San José. 

Cabo San Lucas Marina
All the way along the Corridor there are fancy hotels, golf courses, surf beaches, swimming beaches, and all inclusive resorts. According to friends here on Cortes Island, who sailed and visited 30-40 years ago down there, Cabo San Lucas was a farm and some fishing huts. 

Today it is a huge tourist destination for the cruise ships, the luxury yachts, the all inclusive tourist resorts, Costco, pushy souvenir sellers, wonderful shops, and on the outskirts gated communities, some finished, but some remaining just dreams. Just like in Loreto, the Mexican Government in the 1970s decided that this area would be a tourist zone.

Chileno Beach, our Swimming Beach along the Corridor
San José on the other hand has a long history. Before the Jesuits arrived, the indigenous Pericu called this area Anuiti. They lived not at the coast because there was no water there ( still a problem today, Los Cabos uses mostly desalinated water ), but in the foothills of the Sierra Laguna. 

The missionaries tried so hard to convert the Pericu and prohibiting their custom of polygamy that it sparked a revolt. After that San José was mostly abandoned. Unfortunately European diseases eventually killed off the Pericu. San José remained for the most part a frontier town until in the 1960s when tourism started along the cape.

Downtown San José del Cabo

It is here in the old town of San José where Anders and I spend many wonderful days. Visiting the wonderful galleries, coffee shops, souvenir shops and many back alleys.

Belem, the Owner of Calafia makes great Coffee and she serves Goodies and Lunches

The shop owners were very hungry, but always very polite with a good sense of humour. We loved this city. In the back alleys it is a true Mexican town and along the tourist roads  Mijares, Zaragoza, and Hidalgo - English is the language of the visitors.

At the Taqueria Rossy the Locals ate, so did we

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