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10 March 2014

Baja Bound, Part 19. San José del Cabo, Baja California Sur

Life is a beach in San Jose del Cabo

November 2nd 2013

Our condo faced straight East, so we were up early, had breakfast and headed for the beach below us. Since the highway was between us and the beach we walked a little along the road, then under the highway bridge through the dried out arroyo and to the amazing beach.

Playa Costa Azul

From the Playa Costa Azul one could walk all the way into San Jose on the beautiful sandy beach. Besides a Gringo fisherman  and a native cowboy with his horses, we were for a long time the only people walking along. We enjoyed the walk for a few kilometers, then we turned around , it got too hot. By the time we were back home it was over 30 degrees and humid.

Horses and Cowboy looking for Customers

In the afternoon it was time for us to go food shopping. We parked at the underground parkade at the Mega Store ( like a Save-On-Foods here in Canada). Right away someone approached us, asking if we would like the truck washed. How much? 60 Pesos about 5 dollars. We were not sure. The only equipment they had was a bucket of water and some rags, but we said yes to go ahead. After about an hour, when we were finished shopping, our truck was sparkling, even the tire rims were shiny. What a deal. That is a supper service.

Playa Costa Azul is not a Swimming Beach

At the Mega store we found most of the things we could buy here in Canada. It just had different labels, sizes and looks. The vegetables looked good, and I bought Micribicida, a disinfectant to wash fruits and vegetables in. The meat was way more expensive that in Canada and did not look that good. But we wanted a steak for supper, our first since a few weeks. 

Washing Fruits and Vegetables carefully

I refused to buy any chicken. It all looked so yellow/orange. We found out later that it is very good chicken, and that its special colour comes from the chicken's feed of Marigold to make it that colour.

Yes, we met the time-share realtors in the Mega store. They could see from far that we were new in town. So these well dressed men and women hang around the yogurt counters and offer to help you find what you can't see. Their English is very good, their spiel is to be very friendly and offering you to buy the groceries you have in the cart, and or a free cruise to go fishing. Naturally you will have to come and see their  fantastic investment you cannot refuse. Well, they asked the wrong people, we said no.

Back at the condo, I washed the fruits and vegetables carefully. Anders cooked the steak in a very old and bent frying pan, there was no BBQ. We had a great "Canadian Supper".

Playa Costa Azul is a Surfers' Paradise

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