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10 March 2014

Baja Bound, Part 10

El Rosario to San Ignacio

Cactus grown everywhere
Cacti jungle

RV's driving south.
Beautiful Country.
Yesterday we stayed in El Rosario at the Baja Cactus Motel in the newly renovated section. Our room was great. Lynne, Dave, Peter and Dee could park right in the inner courtyard with their rigs, that was great.

We went to Mama Espinoza for supper.

Everybody was in a good mood, apparently the Margaritas were good. Most of us ate good Mexican food. I (Liz) had Prime Rib for dinner, kind of needed to give my tummy a break.

Mama Espinoza is still alive at 107 and counting. Her daughter now runs the place. The Baja 1000 racing crowd have a tradition to stop here and eat and drink.

The morning drive out of El Rosario did not disappoint. We climbed to a high plateau and the fields of cacti just increased. Amazing!

Just before Catavina there are huge boulders and yellow rocks with cacti just growing out of it. We looked into the "Mission Catavina" hotel. That would be a beautiful place to stay with its old Spanish style architecture.

Liz and Anders outside Mission Catavina
Liz and Anders outside Mission Catavina

RV's driving south through cactus country.
Trucking south.

Dee, Dave and Lynne taking a break from driving
Dee, Dave and Lynne
At the crossing over to Baja California Sur from Baja Norte, there is a food inspection, no citrus fruits or potatoes are allowed, we payed 20 pesos and then they spray the vehicle's under carriage.

We continued all the way to San Ignacioand to the Rice and Beans motel. The food there was ok, but the rooms were not. We will not stay there again.

The first motel room smelled from sewer and had roaches on the floor. We got a different room, that at least did not smell.

We had a pretty good meal at the restaurant and later cooled our feet in the pool.

During this part of the drive we were stopped at several military check points, no problems, very nice young men just doing their duties.

Much of the countryside we drove through this day was dry, and not cultivated.

There are more pictures from this part of the trip on line. Have a look.

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