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08 October 2013

Cross Canada and Back, Part 64

Jackfish Lake, Saskatchewan

Sept 20th to 26th, 2011

At Rose and Al's Place.

We had our 5th Wheel set up on the hill overlooking Jackfish Lake right next to their house. This is a very beautiful part of Saskatchewan. Around this time of the year thousands of migrating birds congregate on this lake.
House by the lake
Rose and Al's new house on Jackfish Lake, Saskatchewan.

Truck and fifth wheel set up by the lake.
We are camped right by the house. Fantastic view.

From Pelicans to Snow Geese and everything in between. One morning Al called and said to come and have a look on one of his harvested fields.

When we got there, thousands of birds were eating some of the left over wheat kernels on the ground and sprouting seeds.

We visited Anders' mom Ruth. She lives in North Battleford. She likes the convenience of this prairie town.

Ruth recently had a hip operation, but is doing extremely well. Anders took her to Saskatoon for a check-up with her surgeon. She is in great shapes!

North Battleford, as the name suggests, has quite a history. In North Battleford we also visited the Allen Sapp Gallery.

Allen Sapp is a native artist who paints from his child hood memory.  His images are very interesting. The gallery is well worth a visit.

Combine harvesting in the field
One of four combines going

Anders walking away from combine
Anders just had to go for a ride

While the harvesting is going on, Rose is fully busy cooking and taking the food to the crew on the fields. The men work often very long hours on the combines and hauling trucks.

Some of Al's fields are quite a bit more north. One evening we went along with Rose to take the food into the fields. Very interesting.

Anders could not resist, he took a ride with one of the man in one of these monster machines called combines.

Harvesting has changed since Anders had his ranch. These machine are guided by GPS, the cabs are air-conditioned, but still, it is a hard and dusty job. While Anders did his farmer thing , I photographed the Bison herd two fields over.

Buffalo grazing
Buffalo grazing in a nearby field
Naturally, around the kitchen table we discussed farming , the increases of the property prices, and if it would be a good idea to own farmland.
Well, now in hind-site ( 2013 ) it looks like we missed the boat. So we will be content to just visit from time to time.

We will not have to worry if it hails, rain, or no rain, or bugs have damaged the crops like all farmers have to do. Canada is very lucky to have such wonderful prairie farmers growing food for all of us.

Sunset over the lake
Saskatchewan Sunset
For more pictures from this part of the trip, check out our photo album.

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