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07 October 2013

Cross Canada and Back, Part 62

Neys Provincial Park to Kenora, Ontario

Sept 17th 2011, day 125, Saturday

Our truck and fifth wheel trailer at a rest stop
Time to change drivers

This was a eleven hour driving day. We drove all the way from Neys Provincial Park on Lake Superior to Kenora, in eastern part of Ontario close to the Manitoba border.

Again we started very early.Beautiful sunshine and cold weather. Terrace Bay has a smelly pulp mill, but sits pretty on the hill overlooking the bay.

Rainbow Falls and Rossport are gorgeous. Anders and I switched drivers about every 1 1/2 hours, but Anders took the longer hours.

Liz driving the truck.
Liz's turn to drive.

road along the lake at Fort Frances
Fort Frances Area
We by-passed Thunderbay and headed for Hwy #11 toward Fort Frances, all the way along the US / Canada border.

Lucky that Anders took Diesel in Thunderbay. There was not a gas station, village, or supplies for the next 250 km +/_ until Fort Frances.

This Hwy # 11 was great, not too many up and downs, no pot holes, and basically no traffic.

We were surprised that there were Bell Towers along this stretch of highway, yet along Hwy. 17 we often had no reception?!?

Along this stretch of the highway it is called " Mom's Highway". But I think there are mostly dads travelling here. Maybe it should be re named?

It looks like fishing and hunting country. There are a few native villages. The area is remote with no street numbers. The odd driveway and homes are marked as : "Sue and Craig Bell" or " GrandPa Joe".

Fort Frances is a dusty border lumber town in the Rainy River District. It has a very interesting
Anders driving the truck, looking at the lake side
Anders love this area.

From Fort Frances we took Hwy 71 north through the Lake of the Woods area toward Kenora. The Lake of the Woods area is amazing. It has over 14,000 islands.

In other words it is a paradise for water sports, fishing and hunting. Nestor Falls and Sioux Narrows are resort towns along here. We stop at Sioux Narrows and talk to the visitor information agent.

They have a lot going on: Spring BBQ and Oktoberfest celebrations and in Nestor Falls, residents enjoy the Annual Pig Roast on August Long Weekend. They also have a very popular Winter Carnival.

Each summer, this cottage town hosts an Arts Festival which draws local artisans as well as exhibitors from far and wide to display fine art, woodwork, pottery and more.

When we arrived in Kenora, we had just over 30,000km showing on our Cross Canada Trip mater.

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