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07 October 2013

Cross Canada and Back, Part 58

Bruce Peninsula on Georgian Bay

12th and 13th of September 2011, Days 120 and 121

We said good bye to Jeanie and Ed, and we were on our way to the Bruce Peninsula on Georgian Bay.

We decided to take a smaller and less traveled roads first. So we drove past Orillia again, then HWY 22 to Craighrust. It is very pretty around there.
Road by Blue Mountain
Beautiful Drive along Blue Mountain.

From there we went on Hwy 26 along Georgian Bay, Lake Huron over Collingwood. The beaches and towns between Collingwood, Meaford and the Blue Mountain areas are beautiful. Toronto money must vacation here and or retire in one of the pretty places. Blue Mountain has a ski hill.

Around Meaford we see a lot of fruit trees, mostly apple orchards.

Owen Sound right on Georgian Bay is a nice town.  The Niagara Escarpment passes through Owen Sound on its way to the Bruce Peninsula.

Cattle grazing
Cattle grazing.
Here we took Hwy 6 north all the way to the end of the Bruce peninsula to Tobermory. The peninsula is very flat. The soil seams to be not very fertile. specially further north it was mostly pasture land. Cattle were grazing.

We stayed in Tobermory Village Campground. This is a well run family place, organized, quiet, and friendly. It is also convenient to the parks and the town.

We may have been on Lake Huron, but it looked like weather on the west coast. The winds were howling and the lake was churning.
Shore line of Fathom Five national marine park
Fathom Five National Marine Park

We wanted to go with the glass bottom boat to Flowerpot Island in Fathom Five National Marine Park. But the boats did not run, it was too rough. So we visited the part of this park on the very northern tip of the peninsula.

We climbed the view tower. Talk about windy. We had to hold on to the railings. Nice views though out to the islands of the park. We took the short 1 km walk to the rocky shores.

Sign of Bruce Peninsula National Park
Bruce Peninsula National Park
From Tobermory about 12km south is the entrance of the Bruce Peninsula National Park at Cyprus Lake Road. We drove along, past the park's campground, and then walked to the Indian Head Cove and the Grotto.

It was a glorious autumn day. The water sparkled in deep blue, cyan, and green.  The waves were hitting the rocky shores. The stunted and bonsai-ed shrubs and trees were defying the weather as they did since many years.
Liz and Anders on the rocky coast line of Bruce Peninsula National Park
Liz and Anders on the rocky coast line

We climbed the cliffs and rocks, it was beautiful and exhilarating.

The Grotto is a huge rock being slowly eaten away by the water and wave actions.

For some more great pictures from this part of the trip, check out our Picasa Web Albums from Fathom Five National Marine Park and pictures from Bruce Peninsula National Park.

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