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08 October 2013

Cross Canada and Back, Part 63

Kenora, Ontario to Manitoba and Saskatchewan

18th and 19th of September 2011, days 126 and 127

Kenora was windy and rainy over night. We had taken in the slides, and were swaying all night long
Info center building on the lake in Kenora, Ontario
Tourist info center in Kenora, Ontario

Liz in the art exhibit with large window to the lake
Liz taking in the art exhibit upstairs in the tourist center.
We were staying at Anicinabe RV Park right on Lake of the Woods.

It was Sunday morning and we drove downtown to explore the town. Well except McDonalds and Timmy's it looked very deserted. Some lonely native people walked the streets.

Tons of hotels and motels show that in summer it would be very busy. It is a cute town, even though it was originally called "Rat Portage".

This name probably described in the pioneer days the portaging through all these islands.

We find the brand new City of Kenora tourist information building. Wow, the building is beautiful.

It is designed by a local architect with huge wood beams and glass features. It reminded me of "The Rooms" the art gallery in ST.Johns, Newfoundland. Upstairs nice local art was on exhibit.

The rain really closed in. It looked grey in grey. It was time to leave town. We went back to the RV park, packed up and drove west into Manitoba.

Highway on the prairie
Driving West toward Saskatchewan

Farm fields with round strawbales
A good harvest in most places.

lake shore of Oak Lake
Oak Lake Campground.
We passed Falcon Lake around noon where we stayed on our way east in early summer. We drove through Winnipeg and all the way to Oak Lake Campground past Brandon, Manitoba.

We were on a mission to drive west and home as fast as possible. Sorry Manitoba! We will have to come back and really visit here.

It looks like there would be so much to explore and discover in Manitoba's arts and culture and recreation places.

I think we were just traveled out. Our brains could not intake more information.

Monday morning Anders woke up with a nasty cold. Soon we were on the road again and in no time we were in Saskatchewan on highway 1 toward Regina.

From Regina we took Hwy 11 toward Saskatoon where we merged in to the number 16 Yellow head hwy.

The weather improved the more west we came. Our drive was very pleasant, rolling gentle hills on Hwy 1 and then along the Saskatchewan River toward Saskatoon.

We arrived in the middle of the afternoon at Anders' sister Rose and Allan' place on Jack Fish Lake just past North Battleford, Saskatchewan.

We stayed with Rose and Al for about 5 days.

For more pictures of this part of the trip, check out our on line photo album.

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