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17 July 2014

Yukon and Alaska Bound, Part 15 - Dawson City

Dawson City, Yukon

Downtown Dawson

Old historical buildings ( Red Light District ).

Liz is happy, they have Granny Smith Cider.
This town really grows on you. I have to admit that our first impressions were not very exciting. I guess we had some kind of different expectations, or we were just travel leery.

As we walked the unpaved streets on the wooden sidewalks it all started to feel right, this is where it happened and this is where it is still happening.

Here in the "far north" things are not as perfect as it is in the big cities or further south where everything is close. That is why we are visiting here to experience the differences.

We went to the Northwest Territory visitor center (we are planning to go up to Inuvik and Tuk).The person at the centre was no very helpful. She just gave us a bunch of papers and did not really have an interest in what we wanted to see or do up there.... Oh well she had a bad day! ( A week later, when we visited this centre again, it was totally different, the service was excellent by a different person.)

We visited the Dawson museum. They had a gold panning demonstration which was really good. The museum in general was very informative and interesting.

We stopped in at the local pub and had a drink, a chat with some tourists and some locals.

Panorama from the Dome. Dawson City below and the Yukon River
Anders is dreaming..... was born 130 years to late!

Such beauty

The Yukon River

A man and his truck....Canada Day
On our way back to our little "pull-shack" we first drove up to "the Midnight Dome" which is a high hill/mountain where you can drive up to the top.

Worth the drive up for sure.

Later, back home, we checked the forecast again, and they now promised nice weather on the Dempster, Inuvik and in Tuktoyaktuk.

That's what we were waiting for.
Said and done we made our reservations and packed and re-arranged the truck and 5th wheel.

We were leaving the 5th wheel behind at the campsite, and will just drive the Dempster Hwy. in the truck.

We decided to move the trailer to a power only site, so we can at least have the trailer (fridge and freezer) plugged in.

We made arrangements with the park owners so we could do this right away to get an early start the following day. We also went across the street and fueled up.

We were ready for the Dempster Highway tomorrow morning.

More pictures of this trip in this album.

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