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24 April 2015

Yukon and Alaska Bound, Part 44. Whitehorse to Watson Lake, Yukon.

Whitehorse to Nugget City to Watson Lake

Leaving Whitehorse, Yukon. Heading South East on the Alaska Highway
Marsh Lake, Yukon, Canada.
After seeing our Swiss family off on the 10th of August, we stayed one more day in Whitehorse.

We did some more shopping and visited some galleries.

On the 12th of August we broke camp in a leisurely fashion and cruised south east on the Alaska Highway.

Teslin Tlingit Heritage Centre

The Teslin Tlingit Heritage Centre
The Teslin Tlingit Heritage Centre

Totem poles at The Teslin Tlingit Heritage Centre
Totem poles at The Teslin Tlingit Heritage Centre
We first arrived in Teslin and stopped at the "Teslin Tlingit Heritage Centre". There is a small fee to enter this center, but it is well worth it.

They had one of the best gift shops we had encountered, unfortunately we already had our souvenirs.

We watched a video produced by a local man. It is the story of survival, when one year, spring and summer never came.

It is a very interesting story about an ash plume from a volcanic eruption in the south pacific that blocked out the sun here in the north. It you have time to spend half an hour, see the video, it is well worth it.

They also offered free Bannock and smoked/dried salmon.... so yummy and good!

Down at the lake they were still smoking/drying salmon the old fashion way. The man in charge told me I could pick a piece of salmon and take it along. So nice of him.

Camped at Baby Nugget City RV Park.
Camping at Baby Nugget City

On the road again, we decided to camp at Baby Nugget RV Park in Nugget City just west of Watson Lake.

More pictures here.

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