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29 June 2014

Yukon and Alaska Bound, Part 5 - Meziadin Lake Provincial Park

The Drive to Meziadin Lake Provincial Park

Leaving Smithers, BC.

Gitwangak Battle Hill National Historic Site

Gitwangak Battle Hill National Historic Site

Camped at Meziadin Lake Provincial Park

Fishing in Meziadin Lake

Small Island in the lake
We had a late start leaving Smithers. When we did our daily light check after the trailer was hooked up, one signal light on the trailer did not work.

We drove over to Canadian Tire and picked up a replacement bulb.

The drive west on Hwy 16 was very nice with sun and clouds dotting the sky. Life is Good!

In Kitwanga we turned North onto Hwy 37, "The Cassiar Highway". Just a few kilometers north we stopped at Gitwangak Battle Hill National Historic Site.

There is no info center, but simple info panels. We walked the steep mound located right on the river bank, known as Ta' awdzep or battle hill.

Here once stood five cedar plank homes or longhouses that the Gitwanga People occupied for over 100 years.

The fierce Chief Nekt defended his domain from there. He had spiked logs attached by rope at the top of the hill. Once attacked, he would cut lose the logs, and they rolled down and crushed the attackers.

We continued on the Cassiar to Meziadin Lake Provincial Park.

The road was good. We did not see a house for over 100 km, total wilderness, just trees, hill and lakes.

We soon arrived at Meziadin Lake Provincial Park and got a wonderful site right on the lake.

We checked in for two nights. New 30 amp power are on the sites. Very nice.

I tried fishing a bit, but no luck.

Here are more pictures from this part of the trip.

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