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06 July 2014

Yukon and Alaska Bound, Part 10 - Canoeing on Boya Lake

Boya Lake British Columbia

Hiking the north part of Boya Lake

Liz taking in the sights.
It is the 27th of June and we woke up to a beautiful day.

After a strong cup of coffee and breakfast we made arrangements to rent a canoe for the afternoon. $20.00 for four hours.

Since it was still early in the day we went for another nice hike first.

This time on the north side of the lake. Again very easy hiking and awesome scenery.

After lunch we picked up the canoe and paddled off to explore the lake and all the little islands.

We paddled over to the beaver dam and it is amazing what these animals can accomplish.

On the water.

Amazing beaver dam

No fish this time

Reflections at night
This dam is pretty small but it does raise one half of the lake by about two feet.

The longest beaver dam in the world is in Wood Buffalo National Park in the province of Alberta and in the North West Territories. It is 850 meters long.

Since I some how managed to bring my fishing rod along, it was time to see if anything was to be had.

I had one really good bite, but no fish supper that day.

Liz made a stir-fry for supper instead with some fruit for desert.

We sat out and enjoyed another glorious

evening over the lake, reflecting all the beautiful scenery.

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