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24 April 2015

Yukon and Alaska Bound, Part 45. Watson Lake, Yukon to Liard Hotsprings, British Columbia.

Heading for Liard Hotsprings, British Columbia.

Liz in the sign post forrest
Liz in the signpost forest
Signpost forest goes on for ever.
Signpost forest goes on for ever.
It was the 13th of August 2014 and we had enjoyed a scrumptious breakfast with yogurt and some wonderful wild raspberries that Liz picked last night right here in the campground at Nugget City.

Once on the road it was not long before we arrived in Watson Lake. Here is where you can look at all the signs in this huge signpost forest.

We spent 30 minutes or so walking around looking at all the signs. There are signs from all over the world.

Liard River
Liard River
Anders at the rapids in Liard River
Anders at the rapids in Liard River
The drive on the Alaska Highway along the Liard River is very pretty and interesting. Once we got closer to Liard Hotspring we encountered some buffalo on the road and some bears in the ditches.

We were dry camping in Liard Hotsprings, We made sure our freshwater tank full and the grey and black holding tanks were empty.

Liard Hotsprings

Buffalo on the road close to Liard Hotsprings.
Buffalo on the road close to Liard Hotsprings.
The campsite is very nice and the sites are large and level.

It was mid-afternoon when we had the camp set up, and it was time for a dip in the hot springs.

We walked on the boardwalk towards the hot springs. There was a moose grazing in the marsh looking at us.

At the top of the mountain.
On top of the world

Beautiful British Columbia.
Wonderful views from up here.

Liz down by the Liard River

Mama Bear and two cubs.
No shortage of wild life here.

Bear Cub
Bear cub

Wonderful country side. Beautiful British Columbia.
Wonderful country side. Beautiful British Columbia.

Our campsite at Liard Hotsprings, British Columbia.
Our campsite at Liard Hot springs, British Columbia.
The hot springs are very hot and soothing on the body. We talked to a family from Alberta. Interesting family, he consults in the oil fields in Albania.

We met another couple, she is a teacher and he is from Mexico. They have been on the road for a long time and traveled all over North America.

That evening we BBQ some burgers over the open fire.

We stayed here two nights. The second day we wanted to go exploring a bit in the back country. I talk to the staff at the park gate and they told me that there was a trail up the mountain about 3 km back.

Said and done we headed off into the bush with the truck. Once we were up on top of the hill, we enjoyed the views over the surrounding area and the beautiful hills and mountains.

On the way back, we encountered a mamma bear with two cubs and also some buffaloes.

For more pictures from the drive to Liard Hot springs, have a look at our album. Also here are all the pictures from the hot springs.

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