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14 July 2014

Yukon and Alaska Bound, Part 14 - Carmacks to Dawson City.

Carmacks to Dawson City.

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day Flags on the truck

Liz driving for a while
It was July 1st and we put on our special Canada T-Shirts. We also installed the Canada Flags on the back windows on the truck.

Let's go!

But first a visited with our neighbours that were from Vernon, BC. Just love meeting all these nice people.

We had fueled up the night before at $1.67 per liter for Diesel.

We were on the road early. This stretch of the highway is terrible, some of the pot holes could swallow a smart car.... It was pretty slow going, but we were not in a hurry.

Liz was at the wheel for the first hour or so. When the road got narrower, without side lines, loose gravel and steep drop-offs. She kind of let me know in her own sweet way that she had enough driving for the day.

Moose Creek Lodge

Time to make a choice.

Can't get enough of this beauty.

Time for a cold one in Dawson

Got to love this place.

Good food in Moose Creek!

Wonderful scenery
The truck and the trailer got a really good shake down even though we were going pretty slow at 60-70 km per hour.

The good part, there was very little traffic.

We stopped at the tourist info center just before the intersection of the "Silver Trail",  Hwy 11 to Mayo and Keno City.

A very nice woman at the tourist boot (no sign indicating that it was open) gave us lots of good information. We decided there and then that we would visit Mayo and Keno City on our way back.

After some more bouncing around, we stopped in Moose Creek for Lunch at the Lodge.

The lodge is very historic, but super good food. Moose Creek population? "Two Gals, two Guys and two dogs".

On the road again, we arrived in Dawson City around 3 pm. We checked in at Bonanza Gold RV Park on the outside of town.

First we felt that the RV Park and the whole area looked sort of run down, but that's just the way things are up here... It's dusty, with frost heaves, houses built on pilings shifting on the permafrost. It's the north, it's just rougher around the edges.

We went in to Dawson for a walk about and a drink in one of the local bars. That was much better! But we skipped the Sourdough Toe Cocktail.

We went back home for some supper and a good night sleep.

Here are some more pictures.

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