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29 June 2014

Yukon and Alaska Bound, Part 6 - Stewart, BC & Hyder, USA

Drive to Stewart and Hyder

On our way to Stewart and Hyder
June 23rd 2014  we left camp early, driving Hwy 37A in the mist, clouds, and sometimes a bit of rain, is was a moody morning.

Highway 37A is nicknamed "The Glacier Highway" because you can see many glaciers from the road just hanging high up on the mountain crevasses.

Even though it was misty we could see many of them, they are so beautiful.

Traffic was light, except  for some logging trucks hauling logs in a hurry to Stewart. Stewart has a deep sea port on the "Portland Canal".

A black bear walking across the Main Street in Hyder

Looking for something to eat?
In Steward the info center was not yet open ( it was 8:30am ) so we continued over the border to the USA ( no US boarder guards ) to Hyder.

As we drove up main street in Hyder a nice looking black bear crossed the road.

We continued and soon another brown bear crossed the road down to the river.

We arrived at a wild life watching area with nice board walks. We strolled the boardwalks, but no luck here.

The salmon are not yet running. When they do later in the season, bear watching from here will be excellent.

Another black bear crosses the road, he is not happy about our presence.

The Salmon Glacier

The road up is a bit challenging at times
We drove on for 30 km on gravel road up to the view point of the Salmon Glacier.

Wow, what a road, it is not for the faint at heart, but I loved it. It is narrow, with sharp curves, no guard rails and at this time of year, half the road can be still covered with snow.

Once you are at the view point, you are again in British Columbia and the glacier is also in BC.

At the top, we took a bunch of pictures and up there a wonderful man sells DVD's and pictures from his car.

His name is Keith Scott, he is very knowledgeable about the glacier and the bears around there. Keith lives up there in a small tent and has done so for 15 plus years.

He is from New Brunswick and travels back there in late fall and comes back to BC again in spring.

Keith is a very interesting man. He has written 10 plus books, produced 10 plus DVD's and also played basket ball for the Canadian version of the "Harlem Globe Trotters"

Anders and Liz above the Salmon Glacier

Keith Scott and Anders

A Panorama

Liz in Stewart

Main street in Stewart

Liz and Anders on the boardwalk in Stewart, BC
Carefully we drove back to Hyder. We stopped in at the general store and chatted with some nice local people.

There are some colourful characters living there.

After the Canadian border control, we walked around in Stewart. Stewart is a quaint little village, and more interesting people are living there.

A wonderful day with many memories. Here are some more pictures from this trip.

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