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29 June 2014

Yukon and Alaska Bound, Part 4 - K'san Village & The Hazeltons

Gitxsan People - K'san Village

Liz at the Smithers' Farmers Market
It's June 21st and we had a nice leisurely morning. After breakfast we took in the local "Farmers Market", with all kinds of fresh baking, vegetables, produce, crafts and more.

We dropped our stuff off at the trailer, and then we headed to the town of Hazelton.

On the way there we stop in Morristown. This one of many places where the local natives catch fish in the rapids by netting and spearing.

We were a bit too early in the season, so no one was there fishing. No salmon were running yet.

Ksan Historical Village

One of the Long Houses

The Village of Ksan

Close up of the art on the Long House
Once in Hazelton, we stopped at the tourist office and got some good maps with directions to the "Ksan" (gesan) Museum and village.

Once there we took a guided tour and visited three long-houses on the inside with the guide. It was very informative.

Even though the buildings and even the totems are re-constructed  on can feel the Spirit of the Gitxsan People.

The artifacts on the inside were originals and very beautiful.

The Gitxsan People call their gatherings "Feast or Yukw" and not potlatch like other Native people do.

During the "Feast" you were given the "talking stick" from the chief, and only then were you allowed to speak your mind.

We spent about three hours in the Ksan village. It was also nice, many local people were at the village taking graduation pictures.

Nice to see everyone so nicely dressed up. The actual village where the Gitxsan people live looks nice, clean, and happy.

From here we drove 14 km north to the Kispiox Village where a row of Totems still face the river. Nice!

We then stopped in at Historic Hazelton.

After this nice day, we drove the High Tewkla gravel road back to Smithers.

More pictures from this trip here.

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  1. Super pictures and interesting story about the people there.