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18 February 2012

Cross Canada and Back, Part 32

Tete D'Indien to Cap-Chat along the St.Lawrence River, Gaspésie, Québec 

It is the 30th of July 2011 and day 76 of our Cross Canada Trip.  We break camp and we are on our way toward the north coast of the Gaspe Peninsula in the province of Québec

Tete D'Indien Rock

Tete D'Indien Rock

Tete D'Indien Rock
Before leaving we shoot a few pictures of the Tete d'Indien rock and off we go. The weather is a mixed bag, rain, cloudy and some sun for ten seconds at the time.

View Tete D'Indien to Cap-Chat along the St.Lawrence River, Gaspésie, Quebec, Canada in a larger map

We decide to take the long way around, Hwy 132, then 197 and back on the 132 again at Riviere au Renard close to the mouth of the St. Lawrence River. We are driving west along the St. Lawrence River towards Sainte-Anne-des-Monts and it is a beautiful country side. 

Beautiful Country Side

The road is up and down with lots of curves.
The road.... Well, my knuckles are a different colour, the temperature of the motor is up a few degrees, not hot but warm. The cause is the 8, 10 and 13% grade, up and down we go and the truck gets a good workout. Not a problem, actually fun if the potholes in the road would have disappeared. I'm sure some of the potholes have had the odd Beetle or Smart car for breakfast.

Pit stop along the St Lawrence River
Then finally from around Gros-Morne (not Gros-Morne in NL) the road is fairly level and winds along the St. Lawrence River. Here, we encounter other problems: the river has taken its toll on the road, with wash-outs and lots of road work. All this aside, this part of the trip is worth seeing. The vistas are spectacular.
Town of Cloridorme, we are heading west.

Wonderful rest stops along the way.

From Gros-Morne the road is not as hilly anymore but the St Lawrence River has made its marks in places.
Eventually we arrive in Sainte-Anne-de-Monts. The campground is not what we were hoping for, so we make a big loop and head for Cap-Chat, Camping au bord du mer right on the St. Lawrence River. 

A nice young couple owns the campground. Service oriented is the motto here; you can even get fresh cooked lobster delivered to your RV. Just a wonderful setting. We take a nice walk along the beach before firing up the BBQ and the frying pan. 

Camping au bord du mer

A walk along the beach by the campground.

Liz on the beach with windmills in the background .
This area has lots of wind mills. The area is one of the top 20 places to visit in Quebec according to their tourist information. We make plans to go and see the Eole tomorrow, the worlds larges wind mill. More on this in our next blog.

More on the wind farms in this area in our next blog.
For more pictures from this part of the trip, click on the image below or go directly to the slide show here.

Tete D'Indien to Cap-Chat along the St.Lawrence River, Gaspésie, QC

Cheers, Anders & Liz

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  1. Just found your blog through the Share BC site - just wonderful! You've not posted since February but I hope you'll be having more adventures so I can follow along. Sophia @pleasebringcake

    1. Thanks Sophia for your interest and for following our blog, we will post again as soon as time permits. Been a bit hectic lately, moving and now we are off to Europe for a few weeks. We will post again some time in May. You can sign up for our blog updates at

      Again thanks for your interest Sophia, talk soon.

      Cheers, Anders