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12 July 2011

Cross Canada and Back Part 16

Twillingate - Icebergs, Whales, and Festivals

It's June 13th 2011 and day 30 of our trip. Today we will drive from Gros Morne National Park to Badger on Trans Canada Highway, close to Grand Falls Windsor.

Gros Morne
Another glorious day. Gros Morne and Bonne Bay look just stunning. We drive out of the park along the East Arm. In Deer Lake we stop for food, especially fresh fruits and vegetables. Silvia and Jörg fill up propane in their motor home. Deer Lake is one of the few places where you can fill stationary or fixed tanks.

View Gros Morne National Park to Twillingate, NL. Canada in a larger map

We stop in at several campgrounds along the way but no cell phone reception (needed for internet) or Wi-Fi. It's game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals. We find a great campsite Catamaran Park just west of Badger right on a lake. There are a lot of seasonal campers in this park and the pull through sites are really just an open field. Our stay was very pleasant.

We watched the hockey game, no need to comment any more.

Not sure where they get the names from. This is almost as good as the water fall in Gros Morne National Park called "Pissing Mare Falls"
June 14th 2011 and day 31 of our trip. We say good bye to Silvia and Jörg as they head back to Nova Scotia and we set our GPS in direction to the town of Twillingate.

Beach below our campground in Twillingate.
Twillingate is a vibrant small town known as Iceberg Alley and Iceberg Capital of the World. But this year there are very few icebergs in the Twillingate area. As I am writing this blog (11th of July) there are lots of icebergs up in St. Anthony, way more then when we were there, but still only a few further south toward Twillingate. See the iceberg finder.

Anders found another boat
Twillingate is located on South Twillingate Island on Notre Dame Bay at the mouth of Exploits River. Notre Dame Bay provides a natural shelter for the harbour. The island is connected with the rest of Newfoundland via a causeway.

We checked in for two nights at Peyton's Woods RV Park and Campground. It is an OK campground with some ocean view sites. Cash only.

Fishing used to be the main income in Twillingate, now Eco tourism has changed all that. The community is very pro-active with lots of things going on.

There are some fantastic hikes you can do, a word of advise, if the weather is nice, go for a hike or take a boat tour, don't delay, you do not know what kind of weather tomorrow holds. 

They have a way with words
Anders and Liz


Anders always has to push the limits

We did some fantastic hikes along the coast line, some a bit more challenging then others. Weather and nature at its best behavior showing off the beauty of the island.


Friendly little fellow

On June 15th we slept in and had a slow start. We took in the local museum with a lot of interesting history from the area. We found it worth while, also one of the best craft shops with locally made items. 

We walk and drive around town and meet up with an old fisherman that has his own museum with all kinds of gadgets. Really nice fellow to get some local flare from. 

 Retired Fisherman Melvin Horwood and his little museum

Anders and Melvin shooting the breeze

Just can't leave it, got to talk fishing and boating. This is a throw net Melvin made.

Time for lunch! Moose soup and Moose wrap are on the menu. We ventured and ordered the soup and wrap from the beast.  It is tasting  pretty good, but more dry than beef.

Moose Soup anyone?

Got some Moose meat stuck in your tooth Anders? The Chowder looks good

We also stop for a Latte at the local coffee shop..... interesting!

For the evening we had made reservations for the "All Around The Circle Dinner Theater" in the town of Cow Head. Cow Head is just over the hill from Twillingate. Reservations are a must and you have a choice of three dishes you also pre-order. Everything is homemade .

The Cast

Elvis..... sort of

You get seated with some other people. We sat with two couples from Ontario. The people that serve and cook the food are the same people on stage later on. The food and service is excellent. There is a cash bar with a few different wines and spirits.

Buck Owens?

Dolly Parton for sure!!! I think.

The show is a hoot, really funny and entertaining, a must if you visit Twillingate.  If visiting Newfoundland and Labrador, Twillingate should be on your list.

For more pictures of our trip to Twillingate, check out our Picasa Web Album. Click image below.

Twillingate NL


Liz and Anders

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