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29 February 2008

Cortes and Mt. Washington

Liz and I were up on Cortes for a few days and are now up on Mt. Washington for our annual family ski trip.

Cortes is the same and we are getting ready to spend a lot more time up there on the rock. We have so many projects that will need attention, painting, new roof, etc.

The sunsets and the sunrise (see picture) from our place amase me every time we're up there. It is so spectacular. Nature still puts on the best show.

We got up here on Wednesday night and yesterday (Thursday) we carved the mountain. I decided to try skiis again and put the snowboard in the corner. It was a lot of fun but the legs were a bit week.

Last night Linda and Arthur came up and this morning Mark, Lisa, Sarah and Ryan came up. Linda and Arthur made crepes for breakfast this morning with strawberries etc. Was soooo good.

The snow is coming down really heavy today and we might not get any skiing done today. Maybe tonight.

It looks like my last day at work will be the 26th of April :) and on the 27th we will leave for Switzerland.

Talk to you soon. Anders

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