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29 December 2017

Replacing The Door Handle on The RV Screen Door

Replacing The Latch On The RV Screen Door.

Broken latch on the RV Screen door.
Broken Latch On The RV Screen Door.
Stuff happens and this time I guess I'm a bit at fault. I think I might just have slammed the screen door a bit too hard and broke the latch.

I'm writing this blog post from Cathedral City, California. We have camp set up at Palm Springs Oasis RV Park. A great park, nice and clean and super nice swimming pools.

Back to the darn door. Last year when we were down here I had my head in the toilet, but that's a whole different story.

You can read about it on the "Head In The Toilet" post.

This one is a pretty easy job, at least I thought so starting out. First, though I called  Benlo Co. RV Service and supplies, located in Indio.

They are our go-to place down here if we need something. Can't say enough good things about them.

Sure enough, they have four different kinds. "Just bring your pice in and we'll see if we can match one up".

New Latch in Place. Note new self-tapping screw.
New Latch in Place. Note new self-tapping screw.
We drive over to them, about 13 km from the RV Park. We buy one that looks pretty close.

Back at the trailer, I start to install the new part and it is just a tad bigger than the old one.

One screw is in but I will need to either drill a new hole or use a self-tapping screw. I opt for the later.

It works just fine and we are back in business.

This is not a hard job to do and in my case, I just needed two screwdrivers to do the job.

Life is good




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