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08 May 2014

Servicing Your Slide Outs

Slide Outs or Push Outs

Slide assembly under the trailer.

Using a drill with wire brush.

Nice and clean tracks using a de-greaser and then wash down with water.

Rubber seals around slide

Slide-Out Dry Lube and Slide-Out Rubber
Seal Treatment.
I have found over the years that servicing the gears and tracks on the trailer underside of your slides goes a long ways.

What I do every year, is crawl under the trailer with the slides out and clean the actual gears and tracks.

You can do this with a wire brush or a brush attachment on your cordless drill. If you use a wire brush, make sure to wear protective glasses.

The easier way is to use a de-greaser, spray it on, let it sit according to instructions and then wash off with water.

This works really well and gets most of the dirt and road grime off.

Once it is dry, I spray on "Slide-Out Dry Lube" on the gears and track. It makes them run really nice and smooth and very quiet.

Rubber Seals On Your Slides

Don't forget to service and clean the rubber seals around the slides.

It only takes a few minutes, but it will make the rubber seals last longer without getting cracks etc.

I use soap and water to wash them down, then once they are dry, I spray on "Slide-Out Rubber Seal Treatment".

You just spray it on (goes on like a foam), spread it out and let it dry into the rubber. That's it.

While you are at it, you could do the same on all the rubber seals on your truck doors as well.

You get less wind noise while driving, and it looks nice and clean.

Hope that helps a bit.

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