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06 November 2011

Cross Canada and Back, Part 28

Camping in Val-Comeau and Visiting Metepenaciac, Red Bank, New Brunswick

July 23rd 2011 we traveled north along the east coast of New Brunswick to the Acadian Peninsula to Val Comeau just before Tracadie-Sheila. 

The Acadian colours are dominant on this part of the coast

View Val-Comeau, New Brunswick in a larger map

The Camping Plage Val Comeau is a beautiful spot right on the point between the Gulf of St.Lawrence and the Tracadie River.  The very friendly owners welcomed us and suggested strongly not to miss the good food of the cantine next door. 

We are camped in Camping Plage Val Comeau

Our camping spot was right up front on the river with a great view. Here too, many seasonal RV' s are enjoying the summers here. As we found out later, many of the people come here every year for the summertime, and yet they live, and often work very close by. 

Camping at the mouth of the Tracadie River

Birdwatchers paradise

One of our neighbours came here for the last 15 years. The language of choice is Acadien French, but most people are fully bilingual. Anders felt that he should increase his French vocabulary and asked the neighbour  while talking about the different trailers what a "Fifth Wheel Trailer" is called in French. The neighbour looked at him, shrugged his shoulder and said: "un Fifth Wheel". Anders now thinks that French is easy.

Liz on the other side of the peninsula facing the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, about 400 meters from our camp site.
The beaches go on forever.
We decided to drive back through Miramichi to Red Bank. There we visited the oldest continuously occupied Mi'kmaq Village. The architecturally beautiful Metepenagiag Heritage Park building was finished just a few years ago.

Liz at the Metepenagiag Aboriginal archaeological site.
The video and the exhibit are well worth visiting. It gave us a good idea of the ancient culture of the Mi'kmaq people. The Metepenagiag ( Red Bay ) area has more Aboriginal archaeological sites per km²  than anywhere else in the Maritime Provinces.

Lifestyle of the Mi'kmaq People

Village Site of the Mi'kmaq People
The Oxbow site on the Little Southwest Miramichi river, re-discovered in 1977 through the guidance of Elder Joseph Augustine, flourished for generations as a warm-water fishing village. Here the people lived in Wigwams and not in Tipis. 

Wigwam in the forest on one of the trails

Mi' kmaq children were taught about their place in the world, learned about the plants and animals, the history and customs of their people,and they learned how to make a paddle, paddle a canoe,and as a woman how to erect a Wigwam. 

Growing Up Mi'kmaq

Mi' kmaq are still famous storytellers, that's why we know some of their past. The bowls, baskets, canoes, cradle-board and other artifacts are beautiful.

Sunset over Tracadie River

Sunset over Tracadie River

Back at the Campsite in Val Comeau we enjoyed a beautiful sunset over the Tracadie River after our horrendous experience of the Storm which overturned several campers in the park. See our earlier blog Winds Storm in New Brunswick.

Sunset over Tracadie River... Nature showing off.

Evening Sky Over Tracadie River

For more pictures of this part of our trip click the images below or go directly to the Val Comeau slide show or the Metepenaciac slide show.
Val Comeau Camping
Metepenaciac, Red Bank, oldest Mi'kmaq villae


Liz and Anders

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