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31 August 2011

Kudos to ICBC and 1000 Islands RV Centre

Compliments to ICBC and 1000 Islands RV Centre, ON

There are so many times in life when we are upset, and we voice ones opinion.  I think that can be good to a certain extend. We also think that one should give credit when credit is deserved, this is many times overlooked.

If you have been following our blogs, you know we ended up in a windstorm on the coast of New Brunswick and received almost $6,000 worth of damage to our trailer. The trailer next to ours flipped over, several more trailers rolled, it was not a pretty picture.


We contacted  ICBC  (Insurance Corporation of British Columbia) that same day the twister hit. We were told that an out of province insurance adjuster would contact us. Sure enough, soon we had a call from Kirsten with ICBC in Vancouver.

Windstorm damage to our trailer

Trailer next to ours that flipped (5 more units in the park flipped as well )
Kirsten was very professional and supportive. If you looked at the blog from when the twister hit, you know it was a mess. We had lots of pictures and a movie of the damages made to our trailer and the trailers around us to show Kirsten the extent of the damage.

Kirsten informed us that we could have the damage repaired where we choose. We might have to pay the dealer ourselves first depending on the dealer. Since we were almost ready to head in to Québec, and my French is pretty well non existent, we thought it would be better to pick a dealer in Ontario.  

We have some friends that we would visit not too far from the 1000 Islands on the St Lawrence River, and we found a dealer there close by that is a "RV Care" dealer.

1000 Island RV Centre

Based on the research we did, we picked 1000 Islands RV Centre  in Gananoque, Ontario to do the repair work. From the first contact, till the day we picked up the trailer all repaired it was a super experience. 

To start with I talked with the service manager Carl. He did a fantastic job communicating with ICBC, getting the authorization and ordering in all the parts needed so that the day we arrived, they just could start with the repairs. 

Matt, also in the service department, looked after everything to make sure things ran smoothly, and he contacted us with regular updates during the three days they had our trailer. 

Both Carl and Matt did a super job, and we could not be more pleased. The work performed was also to the highest standard. Well done!


In conclusion: we learned  that it is very important to have a good insurance company like ICBC, that will help you out when you are 8,000 km from home.

Life is good!
It also pays to do some research into who is going to repair your RV when you are on the road and have a mishap. RV Care dealers are a good place to start, and 1000 Island RV is just what we were looking for.

Thank you Kirsten at ICBC, and Carl and Matt at 1000 Island RV for jobs well done!


Liz and Anders

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