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11 June 2011

HTC Desire Z and Wilson Cell Phone Booster

Wilson Cell Phone Boster for my HTC Desire Z

I'm writing this blog on the ferry back from Labrador (actually Blanc Sablon, QC) to Newfoundland. We have been a bit slack in writing our blogs, sorry for that. 

HTC Desire Z

If you have been following our blogs, you probably remember my blog on my cell phone HTC Desier Z and how I use it to tether my laptop for internet access. I am very pleased with this phone and with the Wilson cell phone booster, it makes the phone even more valuable.
My HTC Desire Z

Wilson Cell Phone Booster

So what is a cell phone booster? The Wilson cell phone booster increases the strength of the cell signal. There has to be a cell signal, the booster cannot create a signal.
Wilson Cell Phone Booster in our Trailer

In many places that we have camped, I have only had one bar on the cell phone, with the booster I then had full power on the phone. Just like magic.
Indoor Antenna for broadcasting signal to your cell phone
Indoor Antenna

There are different types of boosters and antennas you can purchase depending on how you will use your booster. One is only for using in your vehicle, one for motor homes etc.

I got a kit that includes: the booster, vehicle indoor antenna, indoor desktop antenna, outdoor magnetic antenna, cable, 12V power supply, 110/120V power supply and a carrying bag.

Truck Mount Antenna

In addition to the kit, I also bought a trucker/RV outdoor antenna that I attached to the ladder at the back of the trailer on top of the roof ladder. This antenna creates additional range.
Truck Mount Antenna on our trailer

Truck Mount Antenna
Cable feed.

To feed the cable into the trailer and the booster, I went to an RV store and picked up a wall mount cable outlet with cap. I drilled a whole into the tailer, fed the cable through and attached the cable mount, making this antenna permanently attached to the trailer. 

Other Uses For Wilson Cell Phone Booster

The booster and the indoor antenna can easily be removed, and I plan to use them at our place on Cortes Island to increase the strength of the signal there. It could of course be used in a condo, cottages, or where every you wish to increase your cell signal. 

We then of course use the the cell phone ( HTC Desire Z) as a Wi-Fi Hotspot for our laptops and the strong signal is great for watching hockey games, news, etc.

The Wilson Cell Phone Boster we got from the Manufacturer in Indiana. I phoned in our order and good friends of ours, Ed and Jeanie, were down there at the time and they picked it up for us. Thanks Ed and Jeanie!!  

If you plan on  buying one,   I would suggest you phone in the order and tell them what you will use the booster for, and they will tell you what type to purchase for your specific circumstance and needs.

Wilson has two websites, they are and

At the time of writing this blog, we have used the booster for almost a month and it is fantastic, I would not want to be without it. 

If you have any questions on the Wilson Cell Phone Booster, just let me know.

Cheers, Anders and Liz


  1. I have to read this with more attention. I rarely use my cell phone at Treetops because the service is so iffy. This might be the solution!

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