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14 April 2010

Shopping for Supplies

Yesterday was shopping in Campbell River Day

After living in one stretch for about a month on our little island, it was time we went to the big city of Campbell River to supplement our supplies. We are picking up all the things not available, or only at a very expensive price here on Cortes, like fence panels,a Bruce anchor, replacement batteries for the garden solar lights, prosciutto, orange juice under $ 5.00, fresh vegetables, special cheeses, meat.......

Tuesday is Dangerous Cargo day on the BC Ferries from Campbell River to Cortes and return. One run each way is reserved for the fuel supply trucks etc. We avoided that run and took the first ferry at 7:50 out of Whaletown. Anders made egg and bacon sandwiches the night before, so on our travel days we just brew coffee into our travel mugs and hit for the ferry. There is no reservation possible, it is simply first come first on. Two cars were left behind on this first run. The Tenaka only takes about 27 cars. Yesterday was a beautiful day, the crossing was gorgeous with the blue water, blue mountains still showing heavy snow caps.

We shopped all day and returned with the 5pm boat, even the 6 foot Cedar bush made it back home.

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