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23 September 2009

Heading For Chilcotin

20th of September 2009

We left Lac la Hache 

early morning at a temperature of +3C with lots of fog over the lake, a fantastic and beautiful morning. We took some pictures of the birds on the dock...


We drove north to Williams Lake and stopped and picked up a few supplies that was needed..... like coffee cream :)

Then we headed west on highway 20 towards Bella Cola. It sure is different country out this way. Most of it is very beautiful, but the burnt 

and dead (from the pine beetle) forest is pretty depressing. But that's nature I guess.

On the way out we saw something crossing the road up ahead and sure enough there was mama Grizzly Bear with a cub. They did not stay around long enough for us to get a picture, wow those guys can sure move fast.....

We ended up in Nimpo Lake at around 3:30pm and checked in to the Vagabond RV Park, right on the Nimpo lake. We got a great spot overlooking the lake and made a decision to stay here for three nights. Vagabond RV Park is run by Sid and Cora, a wonderful couple. Sid is also a pilot. Cora also runs Wild Trout Coffee Company. She makes wonderful coffees.... go and get one.

We un-hocked the trailer and went for a ride to Anahim Lake and got some diesel for the truck.... the first gas station was closed, the second just ran ut of diesel (I'm now sweating) however at "Grandmas Gas" we got 87 litres of diesel. We went over to the general store, the sign reads; "If we don't have it, you don't need it". Got to love this place, sure enough there is another Swiss person behind the counter :)   We get some brandy, and two book for Kooking With Karl, the books are very appropriate "Cowboys and Chuck wagons" and "At The Ranch House". Both great books with some fantastic recipes. Can hardly wait to try the "Spiced Beef" and the "Bullwhackers Baked Beans. They will be on soon.

We had a wonderful supper, bbq'ing some chicken with a great bottle of 2005 Merlot from Cedar Creek and a beautiful sunset to finish things off. Tomorrow the plan is to go to Bella Cola.... and the next day I'm planning on convincing Liz to come for a float plan tour of the Hunlen falls, the 3rd largest in Canada dropping a 1000 ft.

Hugs and love,

Anders and Liz

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