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26 December 2017

Cleaning Your Bathroom Fan On Your RV

Super Duty Screen And Fan Cleaning In Your RV

Our RV Bathroom Fan.
RV Bathroom Fan
Cleaning your bathroom fan in your RV is often overlooked. It is important that you get into the habit of cleaning it.

If not, you will leave a lot of moister in your RV and then you create a whole bunch of other problems like mold etc. It's a good idea to run your bathroom fan every time you have showers, cook pasta, boil potatoes etc. You know what I mean.

It is further important to keep the fan clean for the motor not to work too hard. This is, of course, important when you are boondocking and want to consume less power.

We vacuum the screen on the fan every time we vacuum the rest of the trailer. This clears the screen pretty good but every so often you should do a deep cleaning.

Since there are many different types of fans each process will be a bit different.

Knob for raising and closing vent on top of trailer
If you have a knob like this to open and close the vent, it will more then
likely have a screw through the center of the knob.
On our fan, the actual screen pops out but for easier cleaning of the fan blades, I like to remove the cover completely.

For this you need is a screwdriver, in our case a Philips.

Depending on your unit, if it is like mine there is also a screw in the knob that opens the top flap.

After you got the assembly removed (it will still be attached to electrical cords) you just need some Windex and a rag. The dirtiest part of the fan will be the top of the fan blade that you can't see from down below.

Wet the rag with water and wring it out, then spray down one corner of the rag with Windex get it good and soaked.

Now wipe each fan blade. If you have not done this in a while you will have to rub a bit to get it clean. If it's really dirty you may have to rinse your rag out several times and add more Windex.

Once you got it all nice and shiny, put everything back together.




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