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01 August 2011

Cross Canada and Back Part 20

Dingwall Nova Scotia to Prince Edward Island

It's the 29th of June 2011, day 46 of our "Cross Canada and Back" trip. The goal for the day is to drive from Dingwall, Nova Scotia, take the ferry across the Northumberland Strait to Prince Edward Island and then on to Prince Edward Island National Park in Cavendish.

View Dingwall Nova Scotia to PEI National Park in a larger map

We break camp in heavy fog and drive the Cabot Trail, after about a half hour of driving the fog clears and we have gorgeous sunshine. There are some pretty good hills, our truck is getting a good workout both up and down those steep hills. Not a problem though, even at 13% grade.

Caribou, NS Ferry Terminal
Leaving Nova Scotia..... for now.
We arrive in Caribou, NS and take the ferry across to Wood Islands, PE. Going over to Prince Edward Island is free, if you take the ferry or drive the Confederation Bridge; however, you have to pay, coming back. The bridge is $43.25 for the first two axles, each additional axle is $7.00, for us for a total of $57.25. Going back on the ferry would have cost us $105.00

Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island
We arrived in Prince Edward Island National Park and got a great campsite with full service. We now noticed that there was something seriously wrong with one of the wheels. After some more careful inspection, we noticed that the bearings were gone and the axle was grooved.... a big mess. It was not for the lack of grease, we had greased the bearings as per manual. 

It's a mess
From what we could make out there was no cotter pin through the axle holding the nut in place or it had fallen out somehow. The bearing came loose and the rest is history.

Liz and Anders on the beach in Prince Edward Island National Park - Cavendish

Annamarie on the beach in Prince Edward Island National Park - Cavendish
There are two RV dealers on Prince Edward Island, and one was selling Forest River products but was not set up to repair or deal with problems like ours. We got a local utility trailer manufacturer Linkletters Welding LTD to do the work. Just a fantastic company and staff. We cannot say enough good things about them.

A hike is in order in Prince Edward Island National Park - Cavendish

Liz and Annamarie hiking in Prince Edward Island National Park - Cavendish

Linkletter got us going temporary so we could eventually bring the trailer to their shop, and then replace the axle once it arrived from Indiana in the USA.
Prince Edward Island National Park - Cavendish

in Prince Edward Island National Park - Cavendish

Anders hiking in Prince Edward Island National Park - Cavendish
Our local Forest River Dealer in BC "Travelhome the RV Marketplace" really went to bat for us. They went far and beyond what we had expected. They made sure the axle got on it's way, they paid for all the repairs in Prince Edward Island. They further kept in touch with us and Linkletter to make sure it all run smoothly. Lesson learned, the most important thing when buying an RV, the dealer you buy it from.

Annamarie getting ready for some lobster
All that aside, we could not have picked a better place to have a beak-down. Wonderful beaches, friendly people, good food.... Life is good!

Canadian eh!

Catch it if you can

Sunset on Prince Edward Island

Sunset on Prince Edward Island

Sunset on Prince Edward Island

Sunset on Prince Edward Island
More on Prince Edward Island in our next blog. For pictures of this part of the trip see our Picasa Web Album.

Prince Edward Island National Park, Cavendish, and Summerside


Anders and Liz

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