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09 December 2016

Baja Mexico Trip 2015-2016. Part 8

Leaving Coyote Beach, Drive to Ciudad Constitucion

Sunrise over Coyote Beach, Baja California, Mexico
Sunrise over Coyote Beach, Baja California, Mexico
It is time to move on, with some sadness we are leaving our good friends Dave and Lynne behind on Coyote Beach.

We have enjoyed so many friends here and really loved the warm water, swimming, and hiking.

We will both also miss the Spanish lessons we just started a few weeks back.

We will miss the waterfront dining right by the sea, we will miss the laid-back lifestyle and will really miss boondocking.

It is so nice to be able to create your own electricity and be self sufficient.

First things first, it's the 9th of December 2015 and today is the day we break camp. Wow, it's amazing how much stuff you take out of the RV when you boondock in a warm and beautiful climate like this.

At the end of the day we have the fifth wheel trailer and the truck all packed and  hooked up and ready to go.

Dave and Lynne invite us out for supper at Burro's, and we enjoy a nice meal together.

Liz and Anders Make a pitstop on our way to Ciudad Insurgentes and Ciudad Constitución
Liz and Anders Make a pit-stop on our way to Ciudad Insurgentes and Ciudad Constitución,
here with the Sea of Cortez in the background

Wonderful Vistas
It's now early morning on the 10th of December. The sun is coming up, and we are ready to go. We say goodbye to Dave and Lynne and our other good friends Dodi and Joel.

We are on the road heading south. We have traveled this road a few times before, and it all looks familiar. We make a few stops along the way and soon pass the town of Loreto. We drive over the Sierra la Giganta and the truck is getting a good workout.

Sierra la Giganta Provides a Rugged Backdrop
Sierra la Giganta provides a Rugged Backdrop
Drive up the Sierra la Giganta
Drive up the Sierra la Giganta

After climbing up the Sierra de Gigante we arrive up on a high plateau with incredible vistas.

From here on it is a pretty straight road down to Ciudad Insurgentes and Ciudad Constitución.

The area of Ciudad Insurgentes and Ciudad Constitución is a large agriculture area. Here you can buy all kinds of vegetables and lots of citrus fruits.

We have planned to stay in Ciudad Constitución at the RV Misiones where Pat is the owner.

We check in for three nights.

More pictures from this part of our trip in our web album.


Anders and Liz

Camped at RV Misiones
Camped at RV Misiones

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